The 15 Best Teamwork Examples to Implement at Work Today

When teams understand how to resolve conflict effectively, it benefits the whole company. Listening skills and clear, tactful communication are part of avoiding, de-escalating, and resolving conflict. Improving teams’ ability to set goals effectively can help improve focus and work performance.

The tendency to be a high performer through personal productivity is a skill that enables managers to get to a manager role, but has to be unlearned as work is done through your people. Be sure you’re people are trained, know the expectations, then let go, and let them handle it. You’ll need to be available and provide supervision, but the more you trust them, the more confident they will become. Empower them to make decisions and to handle the responsibility of their roles. In the performing stage, consensus and cooperation have been well-established and the team is mature, organized, and well-functioning. There is a clear and stable structure, and members are committed to the team’s mission.

team development examples

Typically, company retreats include a variety of different team building exercises, which means these events constitute another sort of team building category. Team building examples are illustrations of teamwork exercises that fall under various team building activity types. For instance, an example of a virtual team building activity is a virtual coffee date, and an example of an unusual team building activity is an aerial yoga class. It is a small business manager’s job to develop the members of a work team.

Platform Overview Transform your enterprise with the scalable mindsets, skills, & behavior change that drive performance. Moreover, an employee development program is not just for rank-and-file workers. It should be a formal program with dedicated resources, not just something your employees do from time to time when they have a moment to spare. Skilled and knowledgeable employees are likely to be more productive and produce better quality work—which benefits their employer. If you don’t meet your team members’ needs, your assets can and will walk out the door. Though everyone appreciates pay increases, these measures aren’t enough to keep people on board.

Build a sense of belonging

It’s not even about making new friends or having fun at the office. Even though recreational activities are helpful, they might feel forced and unnatural. Team building is all about learning to communicate and working together to achieve common goals.

  • They may be feeling some anxiety because of uncertainty about their individual role or future responsibilities.
  • Learn about trust, support, and coaching by setting and unsetting mousetraps with a partner.
  • The official team leader takes a back seat much more than in the previous stages, and the individual team members are given their chance to shine.
  • As you might expect, leaders play an important part in establishing productive norms by acting as role models and by rewarding desired behaviors.
  • Inviting debate and discussion and being open to team members’ ideas all help the team feel involved in co-creating the process they will experience.

Roles on the team may have become more fluid, with members taking on various roles and responsibilities as needed. Differences among members are appreciated and used to enhance the team’s performance. We provide time for learning and reflection and support the group in developing an action plan to promote a sense of community where trust is high. As a leader, it’s important to be aware of your team’s stages as you continue to develop. When humans have access to personalized coaching, incredible things happen.

What are the Five Stages of Team Development?

Help your team check in with each other by holding daily stand-up meetings or mid-week progress reports to see if everyone is on track and has the materials they need. Instead of letting team members battle it out in private messages select the best solution, be ready to invite them into a chat room to offer advice or ask some key questions. Very few team members will have your perspective on the entire project (or the full scope of your team’s segment of the project), so don’t be afraid to jump in.

team development examples

There are tons of other team building activities that you could choose from, like the egg drop, the barter puzzle, company treasure hunts, and office trivia. This virtual team building game requires a digital whiteboard that every employee can use simultaneously, for example, ClickUp’s Whiteboard or the whiteboard feature in Zoom. This list contains both outdoor and indoor team building activities that will boost employee four stages of team development engagement. Fortunately, there’s a right way to engage in team building activities that will boost employee engagement and forge an unstoppable crew. This real world learning provided students with an opportunity to develop personal, team building and problem solving skills. Depending on the type of team building, the novel tasks can encourage or specifically teach interpersonal team skills to increase team performance.

Team Development

It can be riddled with conflict as the individual personalities and work styles clash within the team. It’s also common for team performance to dip a bit in the storming stage as members can sometimes disagree on goals, strategy, responsibilities, and roles. Also, keep an eye out for subgroups or cliques that can begin to form during this stage.

Just making time throughout the work day for team-building activities can yield equally meaningful results. Meetings at the beginning of each day allow employees and managers to review company goals and discuss how to meet them. The right team building strategy can help you develop a sense of cooperation and camaraderie across your organization. All your sales reps are selfishly focusing on meeting their sales quotas despite sacrificing teamwork. This overly competitive behavior has developed a toxic environment in the office.

team development examples

Daisy called a lot of shots in the Forming stage, so she emerges as the dominant team leader in this stage. She proposes a clear schedule and takes charge of contacting the local store to see what supplies they can get here, and what supplies they may need to go to the city for. She wants to go to the city to buy seeds because they cannot get the broccoli seed she wants in the local store. However, this stage is crucial if you want your team to succeed — you won’t get far with your project by sweeping vital questions and potential problems under a rug. Well, truth be told, some teams may skip this step altogether, all in the hope that they’ll avoid unpleasant conflict and the clash of ideas. Instead, they adopt an open exchange of ideas and opinions and learn about what it’s really like to work together.

Types of Team Culture

The activities below are common examples of work team building exercises. The best way to learn about building a great team culture is to look at the example set by other successful companies and organizations. You don’t have to follow the exact same approach used by these companies. However, you can use them as a source of inspiration when you want to improve productivity and create a healthy team culture.

team development examples

Working in a team or group is a complex process characterized by 5 distinct stages. It’s best that you use each stage to learn and understand something new about your teammates and work on improving your workflows. Then, use this knowledge to help you overcome problems and reach your project goals with success.

Leadership Tips to Help Managers Strengthen Employee Relations

This gives them insight into the bigger goal but also breaks down the timeline into smaller increments. The development of a growth mindset that welcomes feedback as the opportunity to grow and learn. We design programs that support teams and individuals develop key skills needed to perform effectively. If it’s not a project-based team, the adjourning stage may never occur. For example, the adjourning phase could only be reached by an employee who has decided to leave the team for a new role. Or another employee might make the decision to leave the company altogether.

It’s essential that the actions are followed up, progressed, and developed, to maintain momentum and continue the team’s development. Some work teams develop to a stage where they’re cohesive and achieve impressive synergies of the team members’ efforts and capabilities. The process of building such teams requires members to get to know each other and negotiate roles and norms. The negotiation process can involve frustrating interpersonal conflict.

Storming — It’s inevitable, there’s going to be conflict

Leadership Team Meet the leadership that’s passionate about empowering your workforce. Library Best practices, research, and tools to fuel individual and business growth. Quality employees are a vital asset for your business; one could even say they are the backbone of your business. It is more cost-effective to develop your teams than to lose them to competitors, which will leave you to find and train replacements.

Create an online space employees can go to for their daily coffee break. Try to make coffee break times consistent so that the room becomes more lively . Once your employees have agreed on a specific goal, make a calendar spreadsheet with all the names of the participants. When an employee completes the daily challenge they can put a “tick”, when they fail they should put a “cross”. To play the “Healthy Together” challenge, your team must agree on and commit to a shared challenge. This could be anything from healthy eating to daily exercise but the idea is to unify your workforce towards a specific goal.

Team Building Case Studies and Training Case Studies

But, I’m sure some of you have had team experiences that don’t really fit his model. How will the Brazilian team respond Wednesday if the Turkish team puts them under a great deal of pressure? Will team members be able to encourage each other, maintain morale and push for ever-greater levels of performance?

Don’t take this as free advice to go rogue and operate outside of company policy. Have the group face challenges that require cooperation for success. Through such exercises, members learn to pull together and rely on each other. Members feel more attracted to the team when it makes them feel special. One of the ways this can be achieved is by using a tough initiation.

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